1812: Napoleon's Fatal March on Moscow by Adam Zamoyski

By Adam Zamoyski

Adam Zamoyski’s bestselling account of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and his catastrophic retreat from Moscow, occasions that had a profound influence on eu history.In 1812 the main strong guy on the earth assembled the biggest military in background and marched on Moscow with the goal of consolidating his dominion. yet inside of months, Napoleon’s invasion of Russia – history’s first instance of overall struggle – had changed into an epic army catastrophe. Over 400,000 French and Allied troops perished and Napoleon was once pressured to retreat.Adam Zamoyski’s masterful paintings attracts at the harrowing first-hand bills of squaddies and civilians on each side of the clash. the end result takes the reader past the invasion of Russia to give either a poignant story of the person foot soldier and a sweeping historical past of a turbulent time.

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