Adult Stem Cells by Kursad Turksen (Author)

By Kursad Turksen (Author)

This accomplished evaluation of our present realizing of grownup stem phone forms and their legislation examines the derivation, characterization, and application of grownup stem cells present in skeletal muscle, dental pulp, prostate, kidney, the attention, internal ear, and different tissues. The authors pay exact recognition to grownup stem mobile plasticity and their software in common tissue homeostasis, in addition to their purposes in regenerative drugs.

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3). Hence, differential cell counts of stem cells and Apr and Aal spermatogonia can be carried out. Furthermore, a method was developed to perform autoradiography on these whole mounts (20). Using 3Hthymidine and the labeled mitoses technique, it was found that spermatogonial stem cells have a relatively long cell cycle time of at least 56 h in the rat (11) and 90 h in the Chinese hamster (14). These cell cycle times resemble those of Apr and Aal spermatogonia, but are longer than in subsequent types of spermatogonia (12,13).

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