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Radiation safety The requirements for radiation safety according to BS EN 60825-1 ‘Laser Classification of LEDs for Illumination Purposes’ must be adhered to for lights and all components used in lighting installations with LEDs as ready-to-use equipment. Page 29 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Advances in Ultra-high Brightness LEDs Regulations Classification in For LED applications in general lighting, the only classes of possible relevance of those accordance with available are the following two: EN 60825-1  C lass 1: Laser and LED equipment that is safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions of operation  Class 1M: Laser and LED equipment that is safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions of operation for use with the naked eye.

Currently, the company manufactures blue, green, purple and white LEDs which cater to numerous applications like mbile phones, full colour displays, traffic signals, automobiles and general lighting. Toyoda Gosei is now mass-producing LEDs in Taiwan in a partnership with Twinhill, its local sales agent. 1 Selected high-power LED manufacturers Company Location New technology used Key mergers and acquisitions Cree Inc. US XLamp LEDs with a minimum luminous flux of 100 In March 2007, Cree acquired lumens at 350mA available commercially from June Hong Kong-based COTCO 2007; EZBright LED power chip in August 2006; white Luminant Device for about Cree XLamp 7090 power LED in October 2006; EZBright $200 million(€151 million) LED 700 power chip in February 2007 Philips Lumileds US Luxeon Rebel in March 2007; Thin Film Flip Chip or Lighting Company TFFC technology in June 2007 Bright LED China, Taiwan MagnaBrite 1 W LED module featuring a new white American Bright Optoelectronics is Electronics Corp.

Tw High Power Lighting Corp. is a leading Taiwan-based LED manufacturer focusing on high power LED design, packaging and module manufacturing. e. e. emergency and security lighting, LED light bulbs, portable lighting like flashlights and lanterns, residential lights and streetlights/general area illumination). In October 2006, High Power Lighting Corp. 5 W and 1 W SMD high-power LEDs, as well as the world’s thinnest all-metal 1 W and 3 W SMD high-power LEDs. In July 2007, the company launched a new type of patented all-metal (Al/Cu) SMD high-power LED, the 4040 RAMBO series package, offering high lumen/area, lumen/package, and optimal performance/cost.

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