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Airframe Structural Design: Practical Design Information and Data on Aircraft Structures (1st edition)

This booklet represents a number of a long time of information assortment, study, conversations with various airframe experts, plus the author's greater than twenty years' adventure in airframe structural layout. From structural viewpoint, the ebook is meant for use as a device to assist in achieving structural integrity in line with govt rules, requisites, standards, and so forth.

B-1 Lancer in action

Squadron sign book In motion Bone B-1 Lancer plane #179 #1179

Advanced Radar Techniques and Systems (IEE Radar, Sonar, Navigation and Avionics, No 4)

This significant reference quantity comprises 13 enormous issues, contributed by way of 9 major researchers (from 6 international locations around the globe (including contributions from Europe, Japan and the USA). parts of insurance contain: process structure, layout, litter and suppression, surveillance and artificial aperture radars, detection, rejection of jamming, goal id, phased and matched arrays, and radar sign processing.

Aviation And Airplane: 110 Years Of Historical Development And Technical Evolution

Written by way of Ivan Jurilj - a grasp of Aeronautical Engineering and previous Air strength Officer, this e-book is attempting to bare an important episodes of the superb heritage of global aviation. even as it's excited by describing how aircraft advanced, from its earliest days to fashionable instances. either army and civil airplanes went via incredible alterations in the course of the interval of “only” a hundred and ten years - from fragile flying machines combating to stick airborne, to strong rulers of the sky able to flying a lot speedier than the rate of sound, to arrive the sting of house and be capable to convey continents to time distances of just a couple of hours.

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