Ancient coin collecting V: the Romaion-Byzantine culture by Wayne G. Sayles

By Wayne G. Sayles

The Romaioi, Greek electorate of the Roman East, stood squarely within the direction of Islamic growth and stored Europe from being overrun via strong tribes from the simple. Their coinage unearths a society with powerful non secular undercurrents and divergent philosophies, yet affected by political and fiscal crises.

&break;&break;Ancient Coin gathering V: The Romaion/Byzantine Culture explores the background and artwork of a tradition that survived for almost 1,000 years. in the course of the undying checklist of cash you are going to study what occurred after the autumn of Rome, witness the sacking of Constantinople via marauding Crusaders, and event the empire's final days below Constantine XI.

&break;&break;This quantity is the appropriate advent to the attention-grabbing pastime of gathering old cash. writer Wayne G. Sayles entertains, educates and evokes starting and specialist creditors alike, drawing on greater than 30 years of expertise in learning and accumulating cash from antiquity. certain positive aspects include:

  • &break;&break;More than three hundred images, together with an illustrated consultant to the Emperors of Byzantium
  • &break;&break;A consultant to coin attribution, in addition to denomination, relationship and mint information
  • &break;&break;Powerful reference instruments, together with complete index, bibliography and glossary

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The unabbreviated form of the inscription was: ERINH BASILISSH. Note the mixture of Latin and Greek letters. On coins, the abbreviated version ERINH BAS appeared in most cases. The stunning event of Irene's reign was the coronation at Old Rome of Frankish King Charlemagne [Carolus Rex Francorum] as Emperor in 800. Many authorities in the Latin speaking world had continued to recognize the Emperors at Constantinople as the legitimate Roman Emperors until Irene deposed her son in 797. In the eyes of the Latin West, the throne became vacant upon the removal of Constantine VI.

S) life, and surprisingly with his nose Constantinople mint intact. Apparently the episode with Justinian' s second reign made i t clear that nose-slitting was not only MINTS barbaric, but ineffective as a means of dispatching potential claimants Sardinia to the throne. Syracuse Theodosius Ill was not accepted Naples in the provinces as sovereign, and Rome it was inevitable that there should Ravenna be a movement against him. saurian" moved against Constantinople, Theodosius wisely abdicated the throne and retired back to private life (Ostrogorsky has him retiring to a monastery in Ephesus) .

His tory of the Byzantine Empire, 324-1 453, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1 952, p . 229. 55 �The Isaurian Dynasty Leo Ill (AD 71 7-741) Artavasdes = Anna usurper AD 741-743 Constantine V AD 741-775 (eo-emperor AD 720-741) Nicephorus (eo-emperor AD 741-743) = Leo IV AD 775-780 (eo-emperor AD 751 -775) Constantine VI AD 780-797 (eo-emperor AD 776-780) 56 Ire ne (regent for Constantine VI AD 780-797; sole reign AD 797-802) ---ii·iiililfillliijl� '"'ONO LEON P A M lf L Leo had been placed in charge of the Anatolikon theme by Anastasius Artemius.

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