Ancient history from coins by Christopher Howgego

By Christopher Howgego

Книга historic background from cash historic heritage from coinsКниги Нумизматика, каталоги Автор: Christopher Howgego Год издания: 2001 Формат: pdf Страниц: 213 Размер: 15,1 mb Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Монеты - богатый источник информации для изучения древней истории. Автор показывает на многочисленных примерах, как характер, образцы и поведение чеканки опираются на главные исторические темы.

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A succession may be traced from a clay, to a slate, to a schist. Lf the minerals are coarse grained and segregated into rough bands the rock is termed a gneiss. A gneiss shows a lesser tendency to split along the bands than does a schist. Marble results from the metamorphism of limestone. The presence of carbon dioxide apparently aids the formation of a granular structure and a rough, microscopic schistosity may be imposed. Because the calcite grains develop an interlocking structure, large blocks, the desired feature for building purposes, may be extracted from between the pre-existing joint system in areas which are not otherwise tectonically disturbed.

5 Well marked horizontal bedding in alternating shales and limestones of the Lower Lias, Jurassic. 3H20); and the calcium magdesium carbonate, dolomite (CaMg(C03)2). Groundwater circulating through the sediments before or after lithification, may take mineral matter existing in the sediment into solution and re-deposit it, normally around some kind of nucleus to form a concretion. 2). It should be remembered, however, that few sediments are composed exclusively of one type of constituent grain.

But some limestones are friable, some are compact and it is this quality which determines the ease with which they can be worked-their apparent hardness. A sandstone made up of grains of quartz ( H = 7 ) , and thus hard may appear soft because the grains are not well cemented and the rock can be powdered in the hand. Toughness, or the ability to resist abrasion generally, is a more desirable quality than hardness. An old, simple but nevertheless effective and quick test may easily be performed to give an indication of the hardness of a rock.

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