Annual fishes by Berois, Nibia

By Berois, Nibia

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Freshwaters 13:11–24. Costa, W. E. J. M. 2004. Relationships and redescription of Fundulus brasiliensis (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), with description of a new genus and notes on the classification of the Aplocheiloidei. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 15:105–120. 28 Annual Fishes Costa, W. J. E. M. 2005. The Neotropical annual killifish genus Pterolebias Garman (Teleostei: Cyprino­ dontiformes: Rivulidae): Phylogenetic relationships, descriptive morphology, and taxonomic revision.

1999b; Hrbek and Larson 1999; Costa 2013). Furthermore, the monophyly of Rivulidae and its relationship with other Aplocheiloidei, suggests its origins as a vicariant event as a result of the opening of the southern Atlantic Ocean (Costa 2013). However, as fossils of Rivulidae have not been found yet, this question remains open. The family consists of three clades: Kryptolebiatinae, Rivulinae, and Cynolebiasinae; with Kryptolebiatinae (with only the genus Kryptolebias) as the sister group to a clade consisting of (Rivulinae + Cynolebiasinae) (Costa 2013).

Southern Hemisphere biogeography inferred by event-based models: Plant versus animal patterns. Systematic Biology 53:216–243. , B. Baciaková, and L. Kratochvíl. 2014. Evolution of body colouration in killifishes (Cyprino­ dontiformes: Aplocheilidae, Nothobranchiidae, Rivulidae): Is male ornamentation constrained by intersexual genetic correlation? Zoologischer Anzeiger. A Journal of Comparative Zoology 253:207–215. 004 Shidlovskiy, K. , B. R. Watters, and R. H. Wildekamp. 2010. Notes on the annual killifish species Nothobranchius rachovii (Cyprinodontiformes; Nothobranchiidae) with the description of two new species.

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