Apoptosis and development by Hermann Steller

By Hermann Steller

Apoptosis and Development, the most recent quantity of Current themes in Developmental Biology maintains the legacy of this finest serial with caliber chapters authored by way of leaders within the box.

This quantity covers study tools in apoptosis and improvement, and contains sections on such subject matters because the non-lethal function of apoptotic proteins and germ line telephone loss of life in Drosophila.

  • Continues the legacy of this optimal serial with caliber chapters authored through leaders within the field
  • Includes descriptions of the newest advances within the field
  • Covers learn tools in apoptosis and improvement, and comprises sections on such issues because the non-lethal function of apoptotic proteins and germ line telephone dying in Drosophila

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Egl-1(lf ) and ced-9(gf ) mutations block germ cell death in response to ionizing radiation (Gartner, Milstein, Ahmed, Hodgkin, & Hengartner, 2000); however, as in the tail-spike cell, neither mutation affects normal physiological cell death in the germ line. Other regulators appear to take charge here (Fig. 2). Mutants in pax-2 and egl-38, encoding Pax2/5/8 family transcriptional regulators, have increased rates of germ cell death. Overexpression of these genes reduces germline apoptosis (Park, Jia, Rajakumar, & Chamberlin, 2006).

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