Arthritis by DK Publishing

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This illustrated sensible advisor covers every thing from clinical definitions of a few of the varieties of arthritis to all facets of treating the situation, from medicinal drugs and surgical procedure to complementary treatments, and is helping the reader dwell with arthritis and its long term issues.

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In polymyositis, the muscles are affected, especially around the pelvis and in the shoulders, causing weakness and pain. People with this condition may have difficulty raising their hands above their heads, getting up from a chair, or climbing stairs. If the condition worsens, the muscles of the throat, chest, and heart may also become damaged. This may then cause difficulty swallowing and shortness of breath. ฀ Ligament฀covers฀฀ the฀carpal฀tunnel. THE฀ CARPAL฀ TUNNEL฀ In dermatomyositis, a rash occurs, most often appearing on the face and the backs of the hands.

Try to include starchy foods in each main meal. For example, start the day with a whole-grain cereal or freshly prepared hot oatmeal. (Some packet varieties of oatmeal may be full of sugar. ) At lunch you could have a sandwich made with whole-grain bread, pita, or chapatti. For your evening meal you could include whole-grain bread, sweet potatoes, whole-grain pasta, or brown rice. 51 MYTH OR TRUTH? MYTH Food฀sensitivities฀play฀a฀ major฀role฀provoking฀the฀ symptoms฀of฀arthritis. ฀Eliminating฀ entire฀food฀groups฀can฀ deprive฀your฀body฀of฀ important฀nutrients.

If you develop a new medical condition or a reaction to a medication in between office visits, call the physician to discuss the problem rather than waiting until your next appoinment. Be฀a฀considerate฀patient Your relationship with healthcare professionals will benefit if your expectations are reasonable. Always arrive on time for an appointment; if you have to cancel, tell the physician’s office as soon as you can. If you are on refillable prescriptions, request a refill or get a new prescription before you run out of tablets.

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