ASME SECTION VI 2013 Recommended Rules for the Care and by American Society of Mechanical Engineers

By American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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Electric boiler: a boiler in which the electric heating means serve as the source of heat. fired pressure vessel: a vessel containing a fluid under pressure exposed to heat from the combustion of fuel. equalizer: connections between parts of a boiler to equalize pressures. firetube: a tube in a boiler having water on the outside and carrying the products of combustion on the inside. 044 kW) for hot water. EDR may have no direct relation to actual surface area. flame plate: a baffle of metal or other material for directing gases of combustion.

Atomizer: a device by means of which a liquid is reduced to a very fine spray. water level: the elevation of the surface of the water in a boiler. automatic lighter: a means for starting ignition of fuel without manual intervention; usually applied to liquid, gaseous, or pulverized fuel. water tube: a tube in a boiler having the water and steam on the inside and heat applied to the outside. auxiliary air: additional air, either hot or cold, that may be introduced into the exhauster inlet or burner lines to increase the primary air at the burners.

Flare type burner: a circular burner from which the fuel and air are discharged in the form of a cone. 10 --``,``,`,````,````````,,,,``,,`-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- thermal: bimetallic strip thermocouple that is located in the pilot flame. If the pilot goes out a circuit is broken and the fuel valve is shut. Response time is 1 min to 3 min. Suitable for small installations. duct: a passage for air or gas flow. 2013 SECTION VI heat available: the thermal energy above a fixed datum that is capable of being absorbed for useful work.

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