B-1 Lancer in action by Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

By Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

Squadron sign booklet In motion Bone B-1 Lancer plane #179 #1179

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B-1 Lancer in action

Squadron sign ebook In motion Bone B-1 Lancer plane #179 #1179

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The second is due to friction between the separate particles of air, and the air and the airframe. One cannot avoid generating both pressure and friction when moving through the air. The aim of aerodynamic research is to discover shapes and combinations of shapes which enable the aircraft designer to use the inevitable aerodynamic forces to the best advantage. If we could see the air in the cylinder after the aeroplane had passed we would see that a new downward motion had been imparted, in effect a downwash, which is the origin of the lift.

5. Fig. 5 The relative airflow pattern around an aerofoil due to circulation around an induced vortex system. The vector sum across the chord of an aerofoil of biconvex section, such as we have used for illustration, shows an increase in relative velocity of the airstream over the crests of the surfaces. However, the relative velocity is higher over the upper surface than over the lower. If we now apply Eqn (5-1), using the relative velocity at any point, we may calculate the pressure distribution across the chord.

The much increased gross weight is said to accommodate enough fuel to extend the range from Europe to as far as the west coast of the USA. The second, A340-600 variant, has cabin capacity increased by means of even larger plugs to carry 25% more passengers. 2 (a) and (b) The European Airbus Industrie Consortium response to the Trans-Atlantic challenge from Boeing (Plate 4-3(a) and (b)). Note the winglets at the tips and the flap-track fairings at the wing trailing edges. Both sets of devices are shaped to generate vortices which weaken, by diffusion, the powerful trailing vortex system shed by the wings, which is the origin of lift-induced (or lift-dependent) drag.

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