Breeding Pest-Resistant Trees. Proceedings of a N.A.T.O. and by H. D. Gerhold

By H. D. Gerhold

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HEIMBURGER. 1955. ) The Forestry Chron. 31 (2), 162-9. HOLST, M. 1963. Breeding resistance in pines to Rhyacionia moths. FAO/FORGEN 63, 6b/3, 17 p. PORTER, W. A. 1952. Blister rust resistant white pine. Canada Dept. Agric, Science Service, Div. Forest Biol. Bi-monthly Progress Report 8 (6), 3. PORTER, W. A. 1954. Testing for resistance to the blister rust disease of western white pine in British Columbia. Processed. , Victoria. C. 12 p. RILEY, C. G. 1952. Studies in Forest Pathology. IX. Fomes igniarius decay of poplar.

Pumila X americana yielded only U. pumila selfs. In 1952 artificial inoculation of elm seedlings was 45 46 CANADA initiated. In 1954 several tetraploid U. pumila seedlings were obtained after colchicine treatment of germinating seeds. In 1955 irradiation of elm seeds with X-rays was carried out, and in 1956 with thermal neutrons, to induce mutations and thus obtain possibly resistant new types. More than 43,000 seedlings have been tested for resistance during 1952-6. Two seedlings with no disease symptoms were found after four annual inocula­ tions.

SOME DISEASES OF PINES Concerning pines, information about breeding for disease resistance is still lacking, though dif­ ferences of susceptibility among pine species has become clarified for several important diseases. Gall rust of pines caused by Cronartium quercum is widespread throughout pine plantations. The disease is found not only on the native two-needle pines, such as Pinus densiflora and P. thumbergii, but on many introduced pines, P. banksiana, P. montana, P. nigra, P. pinea, P. rigida, P.

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