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16 Gaspar Loarte (1498–1578) was rector of the colleges in Genoa and Messina and member of the Penitentiary in Rome and Loreto. Author of numerous popular devotional books, such as Esercitio de la vita Christiana (Genoa, 1557), Instuttione et avisi, per meditare la Passione di Christo (Rome, 1570), [Trattato] delli rimedii contr’il gravissimo peccato della bastemmia (Venice, 1573), Istruttione e avvertimenti per meditar i misteri del Rosario (Rome, 1573), Trattato delle sante peregrinationi (Rome, 1575), Antidoto spirituale contra la peste (Genoa, 1577).

J. Leominster/St. Louis, 2004, # [361]. 28 SAINT CICERO AND THE JESUITS Yet, the language the first Jesuits used to describe their relationship with women reveals much more than a justifiable requirement of prudence: it demonstrates gender bias about women in general and about their spiritual capacity in particular. Polanco observed that women had to be treated like children in encouraging them to answer confessor’s questions sincerely, completely and liberally. Women had to be confessed as briefly as possible.

69 José de Acosta (1540–1600) was most likely of Jewish origins. Missionary in Peru since 1571. Professor of theology in the college of St. Paul and at the University of St. Marc in Lima. Author, among others, of the famous De Procuranda Indorum salute and Historia moral y natural de las Indias. See DHCJ, pp. 10–12. EARLY JESUIT MINISTRIES 2. 33 70 Agostini, Giuseppe Nucleus casuum conscientiae, sive brevis notitia eorum, quae scitu vel necessaria, vel valde utilia sunt in primo ingressu ad audiendas confessiones.

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