British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas AV-8 A/B Harrier - by William D. Siuru

By William D. Siuru

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Once at the top, the pilot checks to ensure the ejection seat is still safetied with its pins and cords in place, and then teps down onto the seat an d slides into place. The K-36D seat is hard and the back is reclined slightly. Up around the pilot's shoulders will be the drogue parachute assemblies; taller pilots will fee l them. Ejection Se at Anatoly Kvotchur was showing off to the crowd at Paris in the summer of 1989, flying low and slow, demonstrating minimum airspeed controllability. About the time he advanced the throttle to full afterburner, the right engine suc ked up enough birds to flame it out.

A peek inside reveals a long , glass- mooth tunnel fabricated from composite material leading 0 the first-stage fan of the RD-33 turbofan engine. The engine inlets pivot in flight under computer control in response to airspeed and angle-of-attack (alpha). The "turkey feathers" nozzle assembly that expands and contracts under engine com- puter control during taxi and flight, aug menting thrust as required by maneuv r. 53 Chapter Three Although not visible on a walkaround, the engine has a four- tage low-pres ure compressor ection and a nine-stage highpre ure compressor section, straightflow combu tion chambers, an afterburner, and a variable nozzle imilar to tho e on Western fighters.

The nose gear incorporates two wheels and a mall mud guard and i placed just forward of the engine air intakes. The nose gear is steerable through 8deg for takeoff and through 30deg for taxi if the switch on the control column is engaged. A tank for de-icing fluid is attached to the nose wheel door. The fluid that goes in the tank is 200-proof alcohol, and th crews that come by to top off the aircraft' tank cheerfully offer to top off the tank of any observers, as well. The MiG is mounted pretty much like any fighter, up a ladder.

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