Central Electronics 200V Broadband Transmitter- Exciter (svc

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As In Fig. 42 is shown a centrifugal pump with the suction and discharge connected with a pipe and the system filled with water. If a valve V is placed in the pipe line and closed, pump will not cause any water to flow. All that would do is to cause a difference of pressure between the discharge and suction of the pump, or, as it might be ex- driving the it FIG. 44 no. 43 FIGS. 42 to 44. Compare electric pressure to pressure in a pump. as a pressed, a tendency for the water to flow, just the same the in zinc and the plates copper pressure is created between connected not are the voltaic cell, Fig.

The same thing is found in electricity; if equal lengths of the same size of copper and iron wire are connected to the same source of ties of ELECTRICAL MACHINERY 34 electricity, as in Fig. 40, it will be times as found that about six much current will flow through the copper as the through iron, showing that copper is a much better 1 electrical conductor than iron it offers about / 6 the resistance. No Perfect Insulators of Electricity. On the other hand, firebrick, asbestos and other materials offer high resistance to the flow of heat.

48, it is at once apparent that the flowmeter is connected in the pipe [line in a way similar to that in which the ammeter is connected in the electric circuit. In either case the flow is directly through the instrument. How to Increase Voltag'e. Since we have found out how to produce an electric pressure and current, the next thing is to know how to increase or decrease the quantity. pressure of a voltaic cell is approximately two The volts, irre- ELECTRICAL MACHINERY 38 size. Therefore, if it is desired to have a greater pressure than two volts, we will have to do something else besides change the size of the cell.

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