China — Stratigraphy, Paleogeography and Tectonics by Arthur A. Meyerhoff, M. Kamen-Kaye, Chin Chen, I. Taner

By Arthur A. Meyerhoff, M. Kamen-Kaye, Chin Chen, I. Taner

all such structures are vital, the Proterozoic column This quantity matters the geology of China, and it examinesthat trouble by means of expositionsofthe stratigraphy, probably is exclusive in its non-stop sedimentary devel­ the paleogeography,and the tectonics ofthat awesome opment and in its reference part of worldwide rank. In paleogeography, this quantity describes and illustra­ nation. during this feel, for this reason, our goals and reasons are particular within the name. The senior writer and his tes first the vast distribution of Proterozoic deposits. colleagues, additionally, should not have in brain any specified Succeeding descriptions and illustrations hint the ebb and circulate of shallow marine waters throughout China as or particular viewers. This quantity is sort of easily for all geologists. by way of a ways the bulk can be these whose Phanerozoic time of greater than six hundred million years elapses local tongue is English, or those that comprehend from the start of the Cambrian to the current. In constitution, this quantity emphasizes the significance English. to not be missed, additionally, is the massive quantity ofChinese geologists who not just learn English of paraplatforms, structures, geosynclines, and nice but in addition who themselves write reports in English that east-west zones of fracture within the Precambian, additionally the look in courses in either their fatherland and results of those early structural parts on constitution in a foreign country. within the resulting Phanerozoic. within the Phanerozoic itself, north-south pressure constructed within the pre-Phanerozoic A always turning out to be curiosity within the geology of China persisted via a lot of the Paleozoic.

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52 95 138 - ~--- L 1- ~ ... interbedded with fine ~ ... QI ~ 0 137 .... 1=:c:D ==I QI ==t 51 ~ .... QI Q. Q. , argil. siltstones Bottom: shales Calceous lutite interlayer of shales and warty argil. , and 15. 3 f----J L Latiproetus (T) Halysites (Co) Favosites (CO) Mainly mudstones, inter layered with argil. Is. (thin lenses) Zygospiroella (B) Pentamerus (B) Streptograptus(G Upper: blue-gray shales interbedded with nodules of argillaceous Is. Glyptograptus (G) Rastrites (G) Pristiograptus (G) Akidograptus (G) lower: black bituminous shales interbedded with siliceous shales 0 Ordovieian 55.

Siliceous Is. 813 Oolitic ~ shale Shale Is. Fig. II-IS. , 1979). ). The sea also transgressed into the Tethys of the present Himalayas region. Abundant archaeocyathids, correlative with those in Australia, Siberia, and the Mediterranean, appeared in Central-South China (Table 11-8). , 1965; Figure 1112). Most of northern China became part of a shallow continental shelf whose neritic sediments include purKAM-YUNNAN LAND YANGZI8EA YANGZI REGION W plish-red shales with a few sandstone and limestone beds.

Some corals and trilobites are present in shallow-water facies. The Qin Ling section is partly metamorphosed. Volcanic rocks occur mainly in the west, from the Qilian Shan to the Kunlun Shan. Southern Stable Domain The best studied sections of this domain occur on the Yangzi platform. Fossiliferous strata younger than early Wenlockian (early Middle Silurian) are absent, except in northeastern Yunnan Province, where Upper Silurian predominates. Lower Silurian consists largely of a graptolitic facies, with shale dominant in the west, and shale with siltstone in the east, succeeded by a Lower to Middle Silurian shelly or 'mixed' facies and a graptolite-shale facies.

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