Chinese Fossil Vertebrates by Spencer Lucas

By Spencer Lucas

There looks a fly-over tone and caliber to this booklet. It lacks move and solidarity. The photograph caliber is certainly bad. Lucas additionally mis-cites Henry Fairfield Osborn's theorizing -- the quotation might be to Osborn's article in technology (April thirteen, 1900), really at p. 567, no longer his later 1910 booklet e-book. As to recounting the crucial Asiatic Expeditions, the remedy is asymmetric and a bit speculative. additionally, a few spellings are inconsistent: eg., "Granter" (caption determine 2-10) vs. "Granger" (text, p. 24), and nor is present in the Index; "William Morris" (p. 24) really used to be "Frederick B. Morris," and, back, nor is present in the Index; the day trip series on p. 24 is muddled (incorrect use of "First," "Second," etc.) and in addition ignores these made in China starting in 1921; and and so on.

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N. Wang and Dong (1989) described an ichthyolith assemblage from the Miaogao Formation in eastern Yunnan of late Ludlow age. These microvertebrates are: the endemic acanthodian Hanilepis wangi; the endemic actinopterygians Kawalepis comptus and Naxilepis gracilis; the thelodontid Thelodus sinensis; and the cosmopolitan genera Gomphonchus, Nostolepis, Ligulalepis, and Poracanthodes (see figure 3-9). China’s youngest Silurian vertebrates are from the Pridoli Yulongsi Formation of Yunnan. They are an indeterminate arthrodire and the acanthodians Nostolepis sp.

After a brief visit with his family in Vienna (his father had just died), Zdansky returned to Uppsala in January 1924. Unable to find a regular professorial position, he worked in the evenings in the Paleontological Museum of Uppsala University as a preparator of fossil vertebrates. During the days, Zdansky undertook the study of the vast collections of fossil mammals he had acquired in China. Wiman studied the fossil reptiles collected by Zdansky in China. At the same time, Andersson continued his paleontological and archaeological studies in various parts of China, but he never once pursued the excavation at Zhoukoudian.

The IVPP once again became a thriving research center, headed by Minchen Chow. Chinese vertebrate paleontologists worked throughout the country and traveled abroad to study, conduct research, and participate in scientific meetings. Western and Chinese vertebrate paleontologists collaborated extensively. Joint field expeditions in China teamed local vertebrate paleontologists with American, British, Canadian, French and German colleagues. The most celebrated and extensive of these expeditions was the Sino-Canadian Dinosaur Project of 1987–1990.

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