Clojure Programming: Practical Lisp for the Java World by Chas Emerick

By Chas Emerick

Clojure is a realistic, general-purpose language that gives expressivity rivaling different dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, whereas seamlessly making the most of Java libraries, providers, and the entire assets of the JVM surroundings. This publication is helping you research the basics of Clojure with examples touching on it to the languages you recognize already, within the domain names and subject matters you're employed with on a daily basis. See how this JVM language will help dispose of pointless complexity out of your programming perform and open up new innovations for fixing the main tough difficulties.

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Evaluate: many of the values emitted by the reader evaluate to themselves (including most data structures and scalars like strings and keywords). We explored earlier in “Expressions, Operators, Syntax, and Precedence” on page 7 how lists evaluate to calls to the operator in function position. The only thing left to understand about evaluation now is how symbols are evaluated. So far, we’ve used them to both name and refer to functions, locals, and so on. info of identifying locals, the semantics of symbol evaluation are tied up with namespaces, Clojure’s fundamental unit of code modularity.

For example, you can have a var or local named def, but you will not be able to refer to the value of that var or local in function position—though you can refer to that value anywhere else. 19. html) is a brief yet approachable precis of the fundamental operations of computation, as originally discovered and enumerated by John McCarthy. Though that characterization of computation was made more than 50 years ago, you can see it thriving in Clojure today. 20. clj file from Clojure’s source repository, you will see this bootstrapping in action: everything from when and or to defn and = is defined in Clojure itself.

A slash character (/) denotes a namespaced keyword, while a keyword prefixed with two colons (::) is expanded by the reader to a namespaced keyword in the current namespace—or another namespace if the keyword started by a namespace alias, ::alias/kw for example. 3365"} 10. Namespaced keywords are also used prominently with multimethods and isa? hierarchies, discussed in depth in Chapter 7. 3365" This allows different modules in the same application and disparate groups within the same organization to safely lay claim to particular names, without complex domain modeling or conventions like underscored prefixes for conflicting names.

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