Cockatiels at Seven (Meg Langslow Mysteries) by Donna Andrews

By Donna Andrews

Whilst her outdated good friend Karen drops by way of along with her two-year-old son, Meg Langslow reluctantly is of the same opinion to brain him for a couple of hours. the subsequent morning, while Karen remains to be MIA, Meg retraces her friend’s footsteps and begins to suspect that her disappearance is associated with at the very least one severe crime. Has Karen been killed or abducted? Is she at the run? What’s the tale together with her ex-husband Jasper? The police don’t appear to care…So now it’s as much as Meg to crack the case—no small job when you think about she’s additionally facing a home packed with reptilian visitors courtesy of father and Grandpa, puzzling over beginning a relatives of her personal with new husband Michael, and chasing after a two-year-old who doesn’t needless to say the undesirable men will be after him subsequent.

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Mommy’s not here yet. ” Nadine frowned and opened her mouth, then closed it again, apparently realizing that any mention of a return visit was only intended to expedite Timmy’s exit. She returned to the door of her office to watch us go. “Sorry,” I said, glancing down as we passed Sandie’s now denuded desk. Sandie’s back was to Nadine. She didn’t move her head, or smile, but she made some sort of frantic, incomprehensible gesture with her hands. I paused. ” I said. “No thanks,” she said, looking up and still gesturing.

I guess it’s cheaper if you do it yourself. ” I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck. If Karen had left Timmy with me because she was going to see her estranged husband—and hadn’t returned . . “She was talking about it Friday afternoon,” Sandie said. “I assumed she meant to do it over the weekend. And then when she didn’t come on time yesterday morning, I thought maybe she’d taken the morning off to do it. ” I imagined Nadine was a real stickler about a lot of things. Escaping the Nadines of the world was one of the main reasons I’d chosen blacksmithing over more secure but confining jobs.

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