Common Medical Abbreviations by Luis De Sousa

By Luis De Sousa

Written with non-Medical contributors in brain, this advisor comprises every one abbreviation in its particular shape and explains the various meanings and connotations for various clinical specialities.

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ANHB anhyd. ANISO aNIT ank. 18 acute mountain sickness; amylase; anti-macrophage serum; Army Medical Service; atypical measles syndrome ; auditory memory span; automated multiphasic screening amsacrine acridinylaniside ; American Medical Students Association amount alpha-methyl-tyrosine American Medical Technologists; amethopterin; amphetamine; amount atomic mass unit assisted mechanical ventilation American Medical Women's Association; American Medical Writers Association amylase antero-medial displacement osteotomy anode Actinon; anisometropia ; anodal ; anode as needed aneurysm ; anorexia nervosa; ante-natal ; aseptic necrosis ; avascular necrosis so much of each American Nurses Association; anti-nuclear antibody ; aspartyl naphthyl-amide Association of Nurses in AIDS Care analgesia ; analgesic agglutination negative, absorption positive anatomic; anatomical ; anatomy absolute neutrophil count anodal closure contraction abbreviated new drug application androsterone anodal duration tetanus anesthesia ; anesthetic alpha-naphthy-flavone American Nurses Foundation ; anti-nuclear factor ; atrial natriuretic factor angiogram; angiograph; angle angiocatheter; angiocatheterizaton ; angiography Alaska Native Health Board anhydrous anisocytosis ; anisometropia alpha-naphthyl-iso-thiocyanate ankle MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia ; acute non-lymphocytic leukemia annl.

Tib . ); American Optometric Association ; American Orthopsychiatric Association ; American Osteopathic Association ANLL 19 A MEDICAL ABBREVIATIONS AOAA AOB AOC amino-oxy-acetic acid accessory olfactory bulb ; alcohol on breath abridged ocular chart; anodal opening clonus; anodal opening contraction arterial occlusive disease ; auriculo-osteo-dysplasia adult onset diabetes mellitus angiographically occult intracranial vascular malformation acro-osteo-lysis acute otitis media ; alternatives of management American Occupational Medical Association American Organization of Nurse Executives anodal opening odor left ventricle to aorta pressure gradient anodal opening picture ; aortic pressure American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association Alvarado Orthopedic Research Association of Operating Room Nurses anodal opening sound American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine American Occupational Therapy Association anodal opening tetanus apparent oxygen utilization analysis of variance April anterior and posterior ; auscultation and palpation ; auscultation and percussion acid phosphatase ; action potential ; acute proliferative ; alkaline phosphatase; amino-peptidase; angina pectoris; ante partum; anterior pituitary; antero-posterior; aortic pressure; apical pulse ; apriori (prior to) ; arterial pressure; atrial pacing; atrium pacing; axio-pulpal aldosterone-producing adenoma ; American Pharmaceutical Association ; American Physiotherapy Association ; American Podiatric Association; American Psychiatric Association ; American Psychological Association ; amino-penicillanic acid; anti-pernicious anemia (factor) acute physiology and chronic health evaluation Acetaminophen (Acamol; Calpol ; Dirox; Dymadon ; Tylenols) ; Association of Physician Assistants Programs annular phased array system abductor pollicis brevis ; atrial premature beat adenoid-pharyngeal-con)unctival ; Amsacrine, Prednisone, Chlorambucil ; anti-phlogistic corticoid ; AOD AODM AOIVM AOL AOM AOMA AONE AOO AoP AOP AOPA AOR AORN AOS AOSSM AOTA AOTe AOU AOV Ap.

AYF AYP Az Aza AZBQ Azg AZT aortic valve electro-cardio-gram anti-viral factor; arterio-venous fistula acute viral hepatitis atrio-ventricular heart block acute viral index atrio-ventricular malformation; arterio-venous malfunction American Veterinary Medical Association atrio-ventricular node; avascular necrosis atrio-ventricular opening (of the valves) Arginine, Vasopressin Actinomycin D, Vincristine, Platinol ; anti-viral protein aortic valve replacement atrio-ventricular refractory period arterio-venous shunt atrio-ventricular septal defect Allen Vision Test; Area Ventralis of Tsai; arginine vaso-tocin atrio-ventricular valves in accordance with alive and well above waist; air-way ; air-ways; anterior wall; atomic weight as well as alive with disease adrenal weight factor anterior wall infarction anterior wall myocardial infarction air-way pressure anti-whole rabbit serum axial; axilla ; axillary; axis axometer; axonotmesis anti-yeast factor autolyzed yeast protein Azote (nitrogen) Azathioprine Aziridinyl-benzo-quinone Azaguanine Aschheim-Zondek Test; azido-thymidine (3GP (3HBA RHCG RHS (3LG (32MG ROBA RPL (3TMG ByG © b.

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