Conservation of ruins by John Ashurst

By John Ashurst

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This is where the combined effects of direct rain, seepage, drift down the face, raindrop bounce, wind and often frapping from vegetation, all act together to denude the lower courses of mortar. 2 Example of simple free-standing roof. is most critical to the lateral stability of the wall as a whole, analogous to a bottom hinge. Left unattended for long enough this denuded zone causes a lean outward of the whole wall, and is often accompanied by a curl of the wall face as mortar is dissolved within the external faces of the bedding joints.

For example, clays derived from basalt sources are more reactive than from granitic sources, and the least reactive, for instance, are those derived from the earlier series of mudstones. Water is lost from a clay subgrade due to evaporation to the surface, and to root action through the fine hair-like roots of major plants such as trees. It is necessary here to introduce the last contender in the soil types, namely silts. Silts are very small individual particles of the parent rock of spherical shape, but below the level of individual grain identification, and they behave differently to both clays and sands.

Some modest protection in the form of tiled pentices has been provided (see Chapter 5). Chapter 1 Conservation concepts Jukka Jokilehto One is often faced with the significance given to words used to define the approaches to the conservation of the built heritage. One such pair of words is: principles vs. theory of conservation–restoration. We could see these two concepts as complementary. A principle can be defined as: ‘origin; primary element; fundamental truth; a general fact by virtue of which an instrument operates’.

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