Cooking for Two (Quick & Easy) by Cornelia Adam

By Cornelia Adam

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DouRh native starch t 5 mixture sheared and compacted native starch 2- U c a - $i cooked potato d l a t i n i s e d starch ~ I 22 Starch: Advances in Structure and Function L 3 Y n u W n d) W Modelling of Starch Extrusion and Damage in Industrial Forming Processes 23 Some results were as expected: cooked potato gave a trace similar to the gelatinised starch; undamaged, extruded starch from the core region was unaffected. More surprisingly, the starch from the annular and surface regions, which could not be separated, showed no gelatinisation endotherm, suggesting that it had already undergone, through shear, a transformation similar to gelatinisation.

5 . T. Yamada , K. Suzuki, H. Katuzaki, M. Hisamatsu and T. Komiya, StarcWSturk 1990, 42,217. M. A. A. Waigh Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 OHE, UK 1 INTRODUCTION Understanding the relationship between the internal starch granule structure and its subsequent break down during processing, has never been more important. For the first time the possibility of deliberately modifying the internal structure via some sort of genetic manipulation has become a realisable goal.

3 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION In a first step, a potato starch dispersion at a concentration level of 2 g/lOO g db, which was prepared by heating to 95 "C, was assessed by light microscopy (Figure 1). Figure 1 Microstructure of potato starch dispersions (2 g A 0 0 g ) prepared by heating at 95 "C(scale bar 25 p n ) Strongly swollen, but not extensively disintegrated starch granules can be observed on the micrograph. The dark areas presented an intense blue coloration on the original Processing-Structure-RheologyRelationships 31 micrograph, whereas the lighter areas correspond to light violet staining.

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