Coroutines: A Programming Methodology, a Language Design and by Christopher D. Marlin (auth.)

By Christopher D. Marlin (auth.)

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The reference to the new instance (its "copyname") is returned via the first location in a common block labelled "K2CO~', as "NEWCPY". caller<-current; enter i } RESUME i = { enter i } in which "i" is a reference to (that is, the copyname of) a coroutine instance. These operations clearly correspond to Simula's "call" and "resume", respectively. There is no primitive operation corresponding to "detach", but the available within caller t~at attribute instance, as of an the instance copyname is variable explicitly "CALLE~'; hence, the effect of a '~etach" can be achieved by "RESUME CALLE~'.

4 Some Typical Cycles of Instances in Coroutine PASCAL Programs The formally sequence control described, description, using features the of Coroutine PASCAL sequence control will model; now in be this each instance will have a "status" attribute. The values "SAC", "SNAC" and "TRI~' will be set into such variables to preserve the correct pattern within cycles, but since their main use is the detection of certain errors (notably, point other than its head, trying to attach a suspended cycle, by a to the operating chain), they will not be used in the manner of the CDIL description.

Thus it is clear that part of the difficulty arising from (ii) is, in fact, due to (i); however, even if the difficulty in (i) were overcome, clearer programs would probably result from restricting the kinds of transfers of control out of an instance during initialization. Various other coroutine facilities will now be described using the sequence control model, but in less depth than was the case in the preceding description of Simulao Gentleman's Portable Cor0utine System The portable coroutine system of Gentleman[49,51], which is an extension of ANSI Standard FORTRAN and was implemented as a preprocessor to FORTRAN, those of provides Simula, sequence except control that the features which complications of are similar the full to class mechanism are absent.

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