Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and by Agency of the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff

By Agency of the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff

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6) anchor cable — (*) In air transport, a cable in an aircraft to which the parachute static lines or strops are attached. anchor line extension kit — (*) A device fitted to an aircraft equipped with removable clamshell doors to enable paratroopers to exit from the rear. annex — A document appended to an operation order or other document to make it clearer or to give further details. annotated print — (*) A photograph on which interpretation details are indicated by words or symbols. annotation — (*) A marking placed on imagery or drawings for explanatory purposes or to indicate items or areas of special importance.

It may be partially or fully equipped and manned or it may be the command post of a subordinate unit. alternate headquarters — An existing headquarters of a component or subordinate command that is predesignated to assume the responsibilities and functions of another headquarters under prescribed emergency conditions. alternative — See variant. altitude — (*) The vertical distance of a level, a point or an object considered as a point, measured from mean sea level. See also density altitude; drop altitude; elevation; minimum safe altitude; pressure altitude; transition altitude; true altitude.

Antisubmarine warfare — (*) Operations conducted with the intention of denying the enemy the effective use of submarines. Also called ASW. antisubmarine warfare forces — Forces organized primarily for antisubmarine action. May be composed of surface ships, aircraft, submarines, or any combination of these, and their supporting systems. antisurface air operation — (*) An air operation conducted in an air/sea environment against enemy surface forces. antisweep device — (*) Any device incorporated in the mooring of a mine or obstructor, or in the mine circuits to make the sweeping of the mine more difficult.

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