Design Patterns in C# by Jean Paul V.A

By Jean Paul V.A

This e-book will supply solid designing edges to the builders and increase their item orientated talents. Jean Paul V.A is a software program Developer engaged on Microsoft applied sciences for the previous 10 years. He has been keen about programming and mentored plenty of builders on .Net and comparable applied sciences.

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This pattern is essential for learning the Factory Method and Bridge patterns. Challenge You are working on an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework creation. The framework could be used in different databases like:  Sql Server  Oracle  MS Access  OleDb Based on the database type, you need to create related classes like:  SqlConnection, SqlCommand when Sql server  OracleConnection, OracleCommand when Oracle etc. How to create a family of related objects without implementation of them?

Facade Pattern In this chapter I would like to explore the Façade design pattern. The actual pronunciation is fu’saad. The dictionary meaning of the word Façade is “A showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant” Now let us enter the challenge.. Challenge You are working on a database application. Frequently you need to execute UPDATE and DELETE SQL queries. Each time there is a need to create the SqlConnection and SqlCommand class, assign the connection to command and execute the query.

Design Patterns in C# 10. Chain of Responsibility Pattern Chain of Responsibility is one among the 23 Design Patterns by Gang of Four. It is an interesting pattern and similar to Observer pattern. In this chapter we are exploring the Chain of Responsibility pattern. I am using the same Challenge and Solution style for explaining this pattern. Challenge You are working on an application in which the Logic class generates various messages. The messages are of two types.  Normal Priority  High Priority The Normal Priority messages are to be processed by Logger class and High Priority messages by Emailer class.

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