Designing Solutions With COM+ Technologies by Ray Brown Wade Baron William D. Chadwick

By Ray Brown Wade Baron William D. Chadwick

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But once you switch to a component implemented in a different programming language or exercise the interface across processes, all hell breaks loose. The COM+ binary compatibility standard is language independent, but only some execution environments detect certain problems. Another thing to watch out for is the fact that NULL is always a valid BSTR empty string. In fact, attempting to distinguish between OLESTR("") and NULL in C++ is not recommended because higher-level development environments might not support such a distinction.

With it, you ought to be able to take advantage of the #import directive's programming model simplifications even in projects that use versions of the interfaces generated by the MIDL compiler. If you have many functions like Bar or functions that take multiple parameters to which these considerations apply, you might want to cast these parameters instead in terms of a class that can translate between the interface types. Such a solution might take the following shape. The sample shows a Bar function, which needs one interface MyProject::IFoo by reference and a reference to an interface pointer MyProject::IFoo.

34 String Conversion Macros Regardless of the string handling strategy and project settings you adopt in your COM+ project, you will very likely need to convert a string from one character encoding representation to another from time to time. The Win32 API provides functions MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte, which convert Unicode to ANSI/DBCS and vice versa, respectively. These functions provide a variety of options and let you explicitly control which code page ought to be used for the translation.

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