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Repair and Regeneration of the Nervous System: Report of the Dahlem Workshop on Repair and Regeneration of the Nervous Sytem Berlin 1981, November 29 – December 4

Five) To what quantity do occasions taking place in the course of regeneration re­ semble these noticeable in improvement? Questions like those stay open, rather in terms of the mammalian vital apprehensive approach and to the consequences of lesions or affliction. the 1st chapters of this quantity are involved basically with basic and irregular improvement of the anxious procedure.

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There was a dose depf~dent decrease in the Cd -transfer starting at 10 mg Cd /1 coincidently with a reduction in+the Cd-uptake,which was influenced already ~t 3 mg Cd /1. This influence, however,was greatly reduced, if Zn was withdrawn 18 hours before the experiments were started. Pretreatment with 10 and 100 mg Cd+ /1 lead to a 3 and 11 fold increase of the mucosal Metallothionein (MT) content. An even higher (24 fold) MT-~ontent was detected in rats pretreated with 100 mg zn+ /1. Withdrawal of zn++ 18 hours before the experiments attenuated the MT-content considerably (only 4 fold increase).

0000015% of the total protein content of the pregnant animal. Supported by erants of the DFG to Sfb 29. lnst. f. Dross If the commonly used substrate concentration in acetylcholinesterase(AcChE)-estimations is decreased1 the percentual amount of acetylcholine (AcCh) hydrolysed increases, although absolute activity declines. With respect to the physiological role of AcChE in neurotrans~ mission one has to assume that AcChE works invivo with first-order kinetics. Since the halflife-times or the logarithmic decrements(k) vary linearly with enzyme cincentration, it is possible to estimate half-life-times of tissues from its homogenates.

05 ug Pbac/g). At the same time an organ-specific sensitivity of DAla-D to the duration of the lead effect could be demonstrated. As a measure of this sensitivity we selected the quotients of the lead concentrations which after 10 and 60 minutes' incubation respectively induced a 50-% inhibition of D-Ala-Dactivity (ED-50 (60 min)/ED-50 (10 min)). 33 for the cerebral enzyme. After a single intravenous injection of 100 ug Pbac/kg body weight there was an organ-specific inhibition of the enzyme. Whereas the maximum inhibition of the erythrocytic D-Ala-Dactivity was reached after just 6 hours (57 % of the control activity), inhibition of the enzyme activity in the remaining organs was delayed and did not reach a maximum until 12 hours had elapsed.

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